Knox Engraving Service

Knox Engraving Service is a family owned and 
operated business.  We have been providing custom engraving services for almost 25 years.
We specialize in providing custom engraving work for most industrial and electrical applications.
We offer free local delivery, quick turn around, and we never charge expediting fees for our work.

Email today for a free quote.
P.O. Box 5211,
Knoxville, Tennessee.

Phone: 865-524-5816
Fax: 865-312-8973

For new business, contact:
[email protected]

Materials and Usage

Knox Engraving Service provides custom engraved plates in various sizes, shapes, and materials. The list above is just an example of the types of items that we can provide.  

We can meet military specs as well as custom specs provided by our customers.

Our competitive pricing includes mounting holes in the material, if needed, and adhesive tape on the backs of our tags.